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October 7, 2012 by ecommercethemes

WordPress Plugins – Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin – More Than An Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Magic Affiliate is a Dynamic Premium Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allows you to have an unlimited sales team for your products or services. This Software Rocks and basically the only thing you have to do is to set the commission level for your affiliates and watch the money roll in! magic affiliate wordpress

If you are interested in expanding your business through affiliate marketing and use WordPress then Magic Affiliate is the perfect tool for you. Hands down it’s one of only two superior affiliate wordpress plugins I recommend. This plugin makes it easy to bring unlimited online income to your e-commerce or membership site. Use this to get your products promoted by an unlimited sales team of affiliates so you can enjoy faster sales and revenues without additional hard work.

Magic Affiliate Plug-in is # 1 !!

You could expect to pay thousands of dollars for such an easy to use, dynamic and full-featured affiliate wordpress . Magic Affiliate is a fully integrated Affiliate WordPress plug-in that quickly takes your sales team from 1 person to unlimited affiliates with ease.

Built specifically for WordPress and 100% integrated with WP Shopping Cart and Magic Members. The simplistic easy-to-use interface gets rid of the “technical” side, allowing you to create and manage your affiliates without worry. We’ve tested out numerous systems and to tell you the truth most of them are a serious pain to get rolling and Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a breath of fresh air!

I am so confident that you will love using Magic Affiliate WordPress that I highly recommend it with your WordPress blog, plus it has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Just Take a Look At These Features

magic affiliate features

magic affiliate integrationCrazy Easy Installation and Integration

Just like any other WordPress plugin, the only thing you need is to activate the plugin.

Real Time Reporting

Advanced software will serve you all the data (clicks, sales, commissions) in realtime with no delay.

5 Level Tier Affiliate Structure

Do you want to establish a multi tier based affiliate structure? With Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin you will be able to set up to 5 Tiers.

100% Compatible with Magic Members plugin

Magic Affiliate plugin is fully integrated with Magic Members plugin.

Easy Integration with the WP-eCommerce Plugin

In minutes easily combine the power of WP-eCommerce and Magic Affiliate.

Unlimited Affiliates

There are no limits to the amount of affiliates you can sign up.

AutoResponder Integrations

Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin has seamless integration with AWeber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

Recurring Commissions

When an affiliate registers, a certain amount can be credited to his/her account.

Custom Affiliate Panel

You can create messages to your affiliates which will be visible in the affiliate control panel.

Individual Commision

You can set different commission levels for different affiliates, rewarding those that perform

Simple Banner Management

Magic Affiliate WordPress allows you to add unlimited text/image and flash banners. Your affiliate will automatically see the banners that you add through their Affiliate Admin secreen. Their affiliate id will automatically attach to the banner links.

Advanced Payout Management

You can easily filter your affiliates by minimum payout and dates. Magic Affiliate will let you create Mass Payment files for PayPal.

Customizable Signup Messages

You can change the messages you want to display in Affiliate Admin signup page.

Custom e-mail Template

You can create custom e-mail templates with Magic Affiliate. You can use shortcodes to make your mails more personalised.

Multi-Language Support

Magic Affiliate has multi-language feature.

We want to make the process of extending your business as easy as possible, so we are including some valuable “extras” to help you create your site as quickly and easily as possible. Purchase today and you’ll also receive:

FREE Video Training and Tutorials

In addition to all the videos that are currently available free of charge on our site, you will also have access to private training videos that will help you setup up your membership site and take it from good to great!

FREE Screenshots and Support Guides

You can use our extensive support guide which will take you though step-by-step instructions, complete with screen-captured images so you can see what you are doing. Our support guide features a Table of Contents, so you can go directly to the section you are looking for.

FREE Unlimited Updates

When you purchase today, you’ll also receive unlimited updates for an entire year. This means that as we add new features to Magic Affiliate, you will receive them completely free of charge for one year. The updates are easily installed and do not require any additional configuration or tweaking and we always stay up-to-date with the current version of WordPress, so there is no need to worry about your blog becoming technically outdated.

FREE Unlimited Support

Most importantly, we are here for you. Knowledgeable and friendly support team is available to you Monday – Sunday, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. (EST).

If you’re not able to find your answers in our training videos, support guides, or comprehensive FAQs, simply contact our support staff and they will be happy to help you. It is very important to us that you are able to get your membership site up and running quickly and smoothly, so strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.


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