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September 20, 2012 by ecommercethemes

Discover How You Can Instantly Create Sales Page And Squeeze Page For All Your WordPress Blog Using An Awesome WordPress Plugin

With WP Optimizer you can easily Setup A Killer Sales Page with Point & Click

Do you have a wordpress blog and want to extend it without changing your favorite theme. Now you can change any page into a lead capture or salesletter page.

WP Optimzer is exactly what you need to quickly create a professional page template, save it, and download it to add to your wordpress blog. Everything is explained in only three steps.

No techie skills required. Just enter in the content with an easy to use wizard and the page is created in front of your eyes. Here are some of the features included:

Change Background in Different Graphical Styles
Choose from Black, Blue, Red and Green. Change scheme on the fly and see your background style change too.
Full Typography Control

Edit the typography on the fly; choose from Arial, Georgia, Verdana and even Courier for older look. It’s all there.

Even Change Content Header Style

Further give your page a customized look by changing the content header style; this helps give your headline a more promiment look.
Quickly Edit Logo, Tagline and Even Headlines

Write your logo and see if appear in the live preview; same with tagline, headline and even sub-headline. Delete headline or sub-headline by just entering a space.

Add Autoresponder or Video Code

Easily add your video embed code or email autoresponder code into your page below your headline. Super quick and simple.

If you want a software that allows you to easily set up your sales and squeeze page on all your wordpress blog, check out Legit Make Money Online Resources Store Products -WordPress Premium Plugin – WP Optimizer Premium WordPress Plugin now

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