WordPress Theme -idea WordPress Business Shop Theme

November 9, 2012 by ecommercethemes

WordPress Theme -idea WordPress Business Shop Theme




Managing and updating icons is now (today) part of the theme (thought) and not of the plugin. Everything is editable through (finished) WP admin.


- wordpress 3 support
- code improvements
- menu support (now direct from admin without adding custom fields)
-adding pages to bottom bars (boxes below slider) is now easy as clicking  (also without adding any custom field)


- added (additional) a blank (grapheme) full width (breadth) post page (tender) – option (choice) to hide/reveal “Read more” button (fix) by adding value (continuance) “0” to custom (bespoken) field – option (choice) to add link (unification) to “View demo” button (fix) by simply (only) adding a custom (bespoken) field “demo” and custom (bespoken) link for value. If there is no custom (bespoken) filed “demo” the button (fix) will not be displayed.


Nested comments supported.


Updated the code (cipher) for Contact form (modify) in footer. More (solon) in FAQ (listing) of this theme.


Fixed some (whatever) minor issues in IE7 and Safari 4. Enhanced some (whatever) functionalities.


IE8 compatible, fixed (immobile) some (whatever) minor issues.


WordPress Features:

  • jQuery slider
  • Repleceable headlines
  • Built-in custom (bespoken) widgets
  • Footer(s) widgetized
  • Sidebar widgetized
  • Editable 404 page
  • Contact form (modify) (built with Contact Form 7)

(X)HTML/CSS website spiced up with some (whatever) jQuery effects. Cross browser (application) compatible. Very easy (cushy) to customize.

This template (model) is made (prefabricated) from a beautiful (bonny) clouds. It is sliced and positioned with CSS so even (modify) with large (super) screens over 1600px, it scales really (rattling) well. Try it out (discover) by holding (retentive) CTRL and scrolling with your mouse (pussyfoot) wheel.

The menu (schedule) is made (prefabricated) with CSS only. This way (artefact) it is very (rattling) easy (cushy) to add/remove navigation (guidance) items

This effect (gist) lets You add simple (ultimate) tooltips on links (course) or images. If used (utilised) on images u can (crapper) add a image (ikon) preview on rollover.

It is a jQuery tabbed slider. Easy to modify (add) titles, icons and content (noesis) of each (apiece) slide. All that can (crapper) be edited (altered) from WP admin in few (some) clicks.

There is a fully (full) designed and coded Blog section (country) of the site (place) and also one (digit) page (tender) represents how a open (unstoppered) post (place) should look (countenance) like.

For all (every) of you who would ever need (requirement) a shop, well, you got it here! Please note (state) that the shopping system (grouping) is not included inside (exclusive) the Worpdress. This is just (meet) a page (tender) representing a Shop. 404 page
This theme (thought) includes a popular (favourite) 404 page. Extended HELP file
Including 12 pages of help (support) showing how to set (ordered) up the theme (thought) and make (attain) all (every) possible modifications. Screenshots also included.



To learn more check out WordPress Theme -idea WordPress Business Shop Theme now

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